Watlow 3-PID Configurator Software

Billy Boyle -

Link to Download the Watlow Configurator (98.8Mb)

The Watlow Configurator allows monitoring and configuration of the Watlow heater controller.

To communicate with the Watlow device, the device must be plugged into a USB port.  The correct communications port must be selected in the software and the “Init” button must be pressed.  If the connection is successful, the light next to the “Init” button will light.  The light in the top right corner will flash every time the software attempts to refresh the temperature indicators.  If a control value is successfully read or written, the light next to the control will light.

“Limit Temp” is the measured temperature on the Limit channel.  “Limit High” is the temperature at which the limit will trip.  When the heated line limit has been triggered, the limit must be reset by clicking the “Reset Limits” button, before the heated line will heat.

Auto tuning will cause the Watlow controller to automatically optimize its PID parameters by temporarily changing the target temperature to the set point plus 10%.  The light next to the “Auto Tune” button will turn yellow.  When auto tuning is done, the light will turn back to green and the temperature will drop back down to the set point.



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