Returning Lonestar Procedure Video

Russell Parris -

Check list for retuning a Lonestar

  • Before returning a Lonestar please ensure you have a completed decontamination certificate and valid RMA number from  
  • Items needed:
  • Pelicase that came with Lonestar
  • 7/16 spanner
  • 9/16 spanner
  • Procedure
  • Isolate air supply
  • Switch off heaters and allow to cool
  • Close down Lonestar software
  • Shut down Windows
  • Switch off power
  • Unplug power lead
  • Remove any USB leads
  • Using a 7/16 Spanner remove the 1/8" nut from scrubber
  • Remove the 1/8" nuts on the exhaust and, if present, on the clean air outlet
  • If you have a sampling module present follow instructions for its removal
  • Attach 1/4" blanking cap to sample inlet using 9/16 spanner
  • Attach 1/8" blanking nuts  using 7/16 spanner to:
  • o    exhaust and clean air outlet
  • o    Cole Palmer filter (if present)
  • o    Bottom of scrubber
  • The Lonestar is now ready for packaging
  • Please use the Pelicase that the Lonestar came with and ensure that the power supply and keyboard are also shipped with it.


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