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Russell Parris August 16, 2012 Announcements

As part of our continued success Owlstone  is committed to provide first class support to new and existing customers through our support website, where you can easily raise a support ticket  driectly from this website or via e-mail at support@owlstone.zendesk.com or if you prefer look through our training resource centre, which  includes a range of material from user manuals to troubleshooting forums.  

For background Owlstone is developing and commercializing innovative new technologies to address the critical need for compact, dependable and cost-effective chemical and biological detection solutions for a wide range of markets. We were formed through the recognition of the opportunities created by the application of micro- and nano- technology to develop improved sensing solutions. 

Owlstone is focused on the innovation of detection technologies to address unmet needs. We develop solutions that are flexible enough to target a range of markets with the potential for growth by enabling new application opportunities. 

From homeland security to home safety, OWLSTONE is working with leading manufacturers and integrators across a range of markets to develop products incorporating our microchip chemical sensing solution. 

Owlstone is headquartered in the United States and has laboratory facilities in the United Kingdom. We were founded in 2003 with a seed investment of two million dollars from Advance Nanotech, Inc., a New York based company specializing in the investment in and commercialization of nanotechnologies.

if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact up support@owlstone.zendesk.com, we would love to hear from you.

best wishes 

The Owlstone Support Team


Richard Muffett August 11, 2011 Lonestar and FAIMS CORE (PAD) / 4. Training and Tutorials

This document discusses the differing methods of headspace sampling using the Lonestar.

Richard Muffett August 11, 2011 Lonestar and FAIMS CORE (PAD) / 9. Lonestar User Manuals - Being Updated

A helpful schematic to understand the sample module flow path.

Richard Muffett August 11, 2011 Lonestar and FAIMS CORE (PAD) / 3. Installation of Lonestar, ATLAS, Split Flow Box

This document provides information on how to carry out a temperature auto tune on the At-Line sampling module.

Billy Boyle December 10, 2010 Lonestar and FAIMS CORE (PAD) / 6. Troubleshooting Guides and Maintenance

This guide will help you identify and resolve any contamnation issues you may be seeing with your Lonestar set-up