Ni-63 data sheet (download)

Andrew Pauza -

Nickel-63 MSDS

Physical Data

Maximum β energy:              0.067 MeV

Transition probability:            100%

Half-Life:                              100.0 years

Maximum range of β in air:    5-6cm


Since the beta radiation from nickel-63 will not penetrate the outer layers of the skin (maximum range ) it does not present a significant risk from external radiation. If nickel-63 compounds are ingested the majority of the activity will be excreted, in the faeces, within 24 hours. In the case of inhalation the fate of the material will depend on it’s chemical and physical form, but about half would usually be excreted in the faeces within 24 hours and the majority of the remainder will be excreted in the urine within a few days. 


See the attached document for a pdf with further information.

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