How to establish the RS-485 address of each Eurotherm

When connecting up our OVG-4 with the computer (via Labview drivers) there was an initial problem with working out the address of the Eurotherm controller.


There is no obvious way of determining the unit address from the unit it's self and they can be anything from 1 to 255. One quick way of determining the address is to download the iTools application from the Eurotherm website and run their engineers software which can scan the range of address to find your units. These address can then be put into Labview which will then talk directly with the sensor.

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  • Thanks Mathew,  nowadays Owlstone put a label on the front of the OVG stating the address!      


    You can also get this quickly via the Eurotherm menu option .. see procedure below.


    Step – 1:   You need to access to “level 3”

    1. Hold down  “1” until you see “Lev 3”
    2. When you release the button it will show you “CODE 0”
    3. Press button “4” until get “CODE 3”.
    4. The system will return to the normal screen


    Step-2:  Now we assign the RS485 addresses

    1. Press “1” until the screen shows “COMMS”
    2. Press “2” once in screen will appear “r485  id”
    3. Press “2” it will appear “ADDR X” (where X is a number)
    4. Now using buttons “3” and ”4”, you will be able to change the address
    5. Return to the normal screen by pressing 1, 2 together


    • Each Eurotherm controller, must have a unique address on the RS485 bus. 
    • Owlstone use addresses 3,4 as default for systems with a single OVG sub-unit.
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