Fabrication of Porphyrin Based Colorimetric Sensor for the Detection of Liver Cirrhosis Biomarker

Rushmika Gurung, Priyanaka Kumari, Thinley Chozom Bhutia, Promodh Poudyal, Anup Gurung

Department of Chemistry, SRM University, Sikkim, India

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The early detection of liver cirrhosis biomarkers is crucial for timely medical intervention and improved patient outcomes. In this study, we present the fabrication of a novel colorimetric sensor based on porphyrin derivatives for the specific and sensitive detection of a prominent liver cirrhosis biomarker. The sensor design capitalizes on the unique optical properties of porphyrins, allowing for a rapid and visually detectable response upon biomarker binding. The synthesis and characterization of the porphyrin receptor are detailed, highlighting its structural and spectroscopic properties. The sensor's performance was evaluated using RGB analysis demonstrating exceptional selectivity and sensitivity towards the target biomarker. Importantly, the sensor's response mechanism is elucidated, shedding light on the underlying molecular interactions. The proposed porphyrin-based colorimetric sensor offers a promising avenue for the early diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, paving the way for point-of-care applications and enhancing disease management. 




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