Applications of breath analysis ketones after induction by L-lysine can detected metabolic (biological) age.

Marakhouski Y., Zharskaya O.

Gastroenterology and Nutrition department, Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk, Belarus. 

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Methods and materials. MET-age was determined using tetrapolar spectral and vector bioimpedansometry (BIM). KETO-liver was estimated by ketones breath test before and after the induction of ketosis by the amino acid L-lysine (IKL). Blood biochemical, hematological parameters and urine chemical analysis was performed.

Results. 30 people (CHR-age 45,0(95%CI 42,1-47,9)) without signs of any pathology including metabolic disorders were examined.In randomly selected 13 people without any pathology including metabolic disorders BIM results were compared with ketosis (AUC values). Correlation (R Spearman): Body cell mass and ketosis AUC0,61(p=0,0008); values intracellular fluid 0,59(p=0,001). There was a significant relationship between the degree of liver-induced ketosis and the difference between biological and chronological age (0,44 at t(N-2) = 2,42, р=0,02), The smaller the age difference (MET-age younger), associated with higher lysine-induced ketosis (metabolic flexibility).

Conclusion. The results obtained allow us to propose a new approach to the metabolic dysfunction assessment based on the difference between biological and chronological age and the severity of lysine-induced ketosis. 




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