A miniaturized breath analyzer based on NDIR spectroscopy

Guillaume Nesa, OLYTHE SAS

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Breath analysis is one of the non-invasive methods that may be used by most people and allows high frequency tests. To meet this aim, the upcoming technology has to be easy to use, reliable, mobile and bring fast results. Olythe developed a miniaturized sensor based on infrared spectroscopy dedicated for breath analysis. As a demonstrator of its technology, Olythe designed, the first miniaturized and compact infrared breathalyzer using the same technology commonly used by law enforcement to confirm alcohol level concentration. In this presentation, we will present the key requirements and technological challenges to achieve the performances and the usability required by the targeted applications. The accuracy of a NDIR system is mainly due to its path length as described in the Beer-Lambert law, so reducing the overall size of the measuring unit was a real challenge. The miniaturization of a NDIR system brings additional challenges on the measuring cell: low power and high-performance infrared components, a precise and stable thermoregulation and a robust signal processing. Finally, we will share some new compounds that this technology can measure and how we can adapt the system for others specific compounds detection. 




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