Development of Colorimetric Sensor Device for Fast, Easy to use, On the spot and Low cost Detection of Tuberculosis

Anup Gurung 1, Ch. Satish Kumar 2, Ranabir Pal 3, Nawang Lama 4

1. Department of Chemistry, SRM University, Sikkim, India
2. Department of Public health, SRM University, Sikkim, India
3. Department of Community Medicine, MGM Medical College and LSK Hospital, Bihar, India
4. School of Information Technology, SRM University, Sikkim, India 

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Tuberculosis (TB) is believed to be the main cause of deaths in developing nations. Apart from biomarkers of TB present in urine, blood, skin and sputum, it is found that certain VOC’s are present in exhaled breath of the TB patients. An Individual infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis which causess TB is found to exhaled certain specific VOC’s. So detection of these VOC’s in the exhaled breath would automatically signal the presence of TB bacteria and hence the person would be diagnosed with TB. This detection needs interaction of these specific VOC’s with the chromospheres containing the active sites which would non covalently bind with the each other thus changing the photo physical property of the chromosphere and hence changing the color (colorimetrically). So here we present the colorimetric sensor array made up of such metalloporphyrin along with other commercially available dyes, which combines the earlier analytical techniques of detecting TB in combination with digital imaging and computer applications. The sensor uses the chemo responsive center which is coupled with an intense chromosphere (porphyrins) to detect TB colorimetrically. 



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  • Congerates on your work. Can your sensor detect different VOCs simultaneously? If yes, how many VOCs can be detected without color interference in your system? 

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