Breath Collection Guidance

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Lonestar and FAIMS CORE (PAD)

1. Legal & Safety Notices

2. Pre-Installation Guide

3. Installation of Lonestar, ATLAS, Split Flow Box

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4. Training and Tutorials

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5. Application development

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6. Troubleshooting Guides and Maintenance

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7. Software Downloads


9. Lonestar User Manuals - Being Updated

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10. ATLAS User Manual - Being Updated

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OVG-4, VOVG, OHG, OFC and Permeation Sources


UltraFAIMS Training Material

UltraFAIMS Software and Control

UltraFAIMS-T1 (Thermo)

UltraFAIMS-DK1 (Developer Kit)

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OFM Developer Kit Prototype (pre-Sep 2013)

UltraFAIMS Chip Cleaning Guidelines

UltraFAIMS-B1 (Brukker)

Product Returns

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