Dr Christian Frezza - Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cancer (Watch Now)

Dr. Christian Frezza - MRC Cancer Unit, Cambridge

View Christian's presentation here, and download the slides here.

Dr Frezza is working on the the role of altered mitochondrial metabolism in cancer. He studied Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Padova, and gained his MSc in 2002, working on mitochondrial toxicity induced by photoactivable anticancer drugs. He then joined the laboratory of Luca Scorrano in Padova to start a PhD on mitochondrial dynamics and apoptosis. In 2008, he moved to the Beatson Institute of Cancer Research in Glasgow, where he investigated the role of mitochondrial defects in tumorigenesis. He moved to the MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge, UK, in 2012, to take up his current position as Group Leader in Cancer Metabolism.




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