How could breath analysis be most effectively applied to study the effects and potential risks of dietary supplements and other non-medical interventions?

In her presentation at the Breath Biopsy Conference 2021 Fereshteh Jahanbani presented the results of a Breath Biopsy study looking at the effects of taking SAMe, a dietary supplement. In her presentation, she showed how SAMe could have detrimental effects for health which are currently not well understood.

Currently, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals aren’t subject to the same level of scientific scrutiny as drugs. This means it’s not always clear what their long-term effects are and how this could contribute to the onset or severity of complex chronic illnesses and multimorbidites. Fereshteh’s work indicates that breath could be uniquely well suited to studying these products and their effects on health.

How do you think breath biomarkers could be used to improve our understanding of supplements and nutraceuticals? What challenges do you foresee? What would you consider in designing these kinds of studies?




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