Dynamics of parameters of the nitric oxide (NO) cycle and reactive oxygen species during exacerbation of bronchial asthma

Soodaeva SK (1,2)*, Klimanov IA (2), Popova NA (1,2)

(1) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University), Moscow, Russian
(2) Pulmonology Research Institute, Moscow, Russian Fedеration.

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Introduction: The key links in the pathogenesis of BA are oxidative and nitrosative stress, accompanied by hyperproduction of ROS and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). The aim of the work was to study the effect of ROS production on the state of the NO cycle in patients with exacerbation of mild BA. Methods: 68 people were examined. The group of patients with BA exacerbation included 38 people; the control group consisted of 30 practically healthy volunteers. Exhaled NO (FeNO), NO metabolites - the total concentration of nitrates/nitrites Σ NO3-/NO2- in Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC), Malondialdegide (MDA) in blood serum and the intensity of the Сhemiluminescent response (ICL) of activated blood phagocytes were determined in all patients. Results: The parameters of the nitric oxide cycle in BA significantly exceeded the values of the control group: the levels of Σ NO3-/NO2- in the EBC in BA were 16.1±2.6 μM against 5.1±2.7 μM in the control, the concentrations of FeNO - 17.2±4.1 ppb and 6.5±3.1 ppb (p=0.0017), respectively. Similar dynamics was found in the study of ROS production by the intensity of the chemiluminescent response of blood phagocytes and the level of MDA in the blood serum in the studied groups. In patients with BA, ICL was 11.42±2.25 RLU and 3.2 times higher than the control (3.60±1.00 RLU). The MDA concentration was 5.77±0.82 µM in BA and 2.33±0.87 µM in the control group. A negative correlation was found between FeNO and ICL (r= -0.73, p=0.003). Conclusion: Thus, during an exacerbation of mild BA, hyperproduction of ROS can affect the level of exhaled nitric oxide, as well as the NO cycle.




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