ReCIVA Discontinued Product Notification


Owlstone Medical is committed to supporting you with your breath research and we’re working continuously to improve the quality and functionality of Breath Biopsy ® to provide you with the most accurate and reliable results.

The technology in the Breath Biopsy® Collection Station has evolved over the years and some versions of ReCIVA® Breath Sampler hardware are now discontinued, having been superseded by the current, next generation version which began manufacturing in 2018. As a result, we are unable to provide further software upgrades or hardware repairs for the discontinued versions. However, our team will continue to provide application support with all Collection Stations so you can continue your research.

Discontinued products are identified by the serial number (SN) label on the outer casing of ReCIVA. The affected SNs are 1-84, 1007, 1012-1018, 1021, 1029.



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