Lonestar Spectra File Converter

This utility allows you to convert Lonestar data files from binary to ASCII, which can then be loaded into standard data analysis packages e.g. Excel, MATLAB, R

This link is to a tool which converts dfm files to ascii files, it runs from the command line so can be embedded in matlab or just run stand alone from windows command line.  It is a labview program so requires the labview runtime engine to be installed which the linked installer includes, you just need to run setup.exe and click next on each step.


multifile is run from the command line using the following arguments


multifile  -- pname /mode

/mode argument has three options

/s similar to before, files named in pname are converted, any number of files each filename separated by carriage return 

/f pname now contains a directory path rather than a  list of file paths and all dfm files in directory named are converted

/d pname is now the path to the directory where all files are to be converted


note the “space”--“space” divider to the arguments




multifile -- c:\afmtoasc\setpath.ini /s                     (convert files named in setpath.ini)


multifile -- c:\afmtoasc\setpath.ini /f                      (convert all files in directory named in setpath.ini)


multifile -- c:\data\heptanetests /d                         (convert all files in directory c:\data\heptanetests)

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