Request Software

So that we can help you install the correct software on your equipment, and avoid incompatibilities, please let us know your requirements using the form below.

It's important that you tell us:

  • What software you need. For example, if you're using Lonestar hardware, do you want to set up offline viewing (e.g. on a separate PC), or are you seeking an upgrade of the Lonestar software?
  • If you already have software, what version are you upgrading from?  Lonestar's software version can be identified by selecting "Help > About".
  • Details of the operating system you want the software for. For example, Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10 etc.
Once we receive the form, we'll be in touch as quickly as we can.  
We appreciate you taking the time to explain - in the end, it helps us help you more quickly.

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