Lonestar Packing Procedure and Video

Andrew Pauza -

Check list for returning a Lonestar

Before returning a Lonestar please ensure you have a

  • completed decontamination certificate and a
  • valid RMA number

from [email protected]

Items needed for packing 

  • Pelicase that came with Lonestar
  • 7/16" spanner
  • 9/16" spanner
  • 1/4" and 1/8" blanking nuts (nylon or stainless steel)


  • Isolate air supply
  • Switch off heaters and allow to cool
  • Close down the Lonestar software
  • Switch off power (power button on the front)
  • Unplug power leads
  • Remove any USB leads, ethernet cables etc
  • Using a 7/16" spanner disconnect the gas pipes from the scrubber air inlet, the exhaust and clean air outlet
  • If you have an ATLAS sampling module present, follow instructions for its removal
  • Use the 9/16" spanner to attach a 1/4" blanking cap to the sample inlet (this is especially important to stop particles getting onto the FAIMS chip which is just inside.  Removing any debris from the chip is expensive)
  • Use the 7/16" spanner to attach 1/8" blanking nuts to
    • exhaust and clean air outlets
    • External Inlet filter (if present
    • scrubber air inlet (bottom of scrubber)
  • This video shows how to pack an older type of Lonestar

The Lonestar is now ready for packaging

Please use the Pelicase that the Lonestar came with and ensure that the power supply ("brick") is also included in the Pelicase.


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