7. Maintenance - Basic Checks and Cleaning


Basic checks

  • Regularly check that the main LED indicator glows when power is applied.  The unit must NOT be operated if the indicator fails and must be returned for servicing. The fuse in the mains cable plug must only be replaced with a 5A BS1362 type (UK only)
  • If a replacement fuse fails immediately, contact your local service agent. DO NOT replace with a higher rated fuse
  • The mains adaptors are designed to comply with BS EN 60950-1 and can be flash tested.


 hazard symbol 100x100.jpg


Do not attempt any maintenance whilst the unit is powered on, or connected to any gas lines.






Cleaning the casework

Wipe with a damp cloth only.  Do not wet or allow moisture to penetrate the unit.  Do not use solvents 

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