2.7 Review of DF Matrix

Review DF Matrix


The ‘Review DF Matrix’ application is accessible from the File menu under the Applications menu. It allows any DF Matrix collected either in Lab User mode or Process Monitoring (when a DF Matrix is created from an event being triggered) to be reviewed.



 This application can be accessed whilst the Lonestar is in use and collecting data. To return the main control screen use the File menu to Exit.



Data review screen


Select a file to upload by accessing the File menu and selecting Open.


The DF Matrices will appear as colour maps in the bottom graphs, showing both the positive mode Matrix on the left and the negative mode Matrix on the right.


The top graphs show single CV sweeps. These spectra represent a “slice” out of the colour map at the chosen Field Intensity which is defined by the horizontal cursor position in the colour maps.  Moving the cursors will update the CV sweeps accordingly.



Examples of DF Matrices under review


The individual CV sweeps will scale automatically, whilst the positive and negative DF Matrices can be rescaled using the blue and red drag bars respectively.

Software smoothing can be applied by clicking the Smoothing buttons.

The horizontal position of the cursor position is read out in the ‘DF cursor’  boxes below the positive and negative mode DF Matrices.

The horizontal position of the cursor can also be set by altering the value entered in this DF cursor box


If there is more than 1 Matrix file in the same folder as the current Matrix file being viewed then the ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ buttons will be active. Pressing these will jump to the previous or next or previous data file respectively (files are sorted by the date they were originally generated)



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