4.3 Changing the Scrubber Cartridge

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  • Before removing the scrubber cylinder, ensure that the gas supply to the LONESTAR system has been switched off.
  • Before handling the Hydrocarbon refill please consult the Carbon Refill Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) supplied. 

1. Begin by removing the scrubber from the LONESTAR instrument by pressing down on the scrubber cartridge release 


Scrubber removal

  2. Next unscrew the scrubber cap in an anticlockwise direction and remove it from the scrubber body. 


 Scrubber cartridge

3. Pour the hydrocarbon media in the lower section of the scrubber into a container, taking the necessary precautions detailed in the MSDS.

4. Refill the lower section of the scrubber with the new hydrocarbon media, up to the internal fill line (approximately 3 cm from the top edge of the scrubber    body).

5. Ensure that the hydrocarbon particulates have settled by gently tapping the scrubber body.  Top up the hydrocarbon media if the level has dropped.

6. Finally screw the scrubber cap back onto the scrubber body until tight.  Ensure that the o-ring seal between the cap and body is still intact after tightening.  Any damage to this o-ring could cause a leak to occur.  If the o-ring is damaged it must be replaced.



O-ring seal


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Before disposing of any used hydrocarbon media please read the Hydrocarbon MSDS supplied with the LONESTAR system.


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