6. Expansion Ports


The LONESTAR system possesses several interface ports:


Front and rear USB – For use with Memory Sticks, Keyboards and Mice only.


GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) port – System integration port allowing additional sensor inputs and outputs via industry standard I2C interface.

GPIO pin out: 

Pin No:             Name:               Notes:

1                      DIO 0                Digital Input Output (0-5V)

2                      DIO 1                Digital Input Output (0-5V)

3                      GND                 GND

4                      +5V                  Max draw 200mA

5                      AO                   Analogue Output (0-5V)

6                      DIO 2               Digital Input/Output (0-5V)

7                      DIO 3               Digital Input/Output (0-5V)

8                      AI 1                  Analogue Input (0-10V)

9                      AI 2                  Analogue Input (0-10V), normally not connected

Contact Owlstone for further details on GPIO system integration


RJ45 Network connector – Networking is available on the LONESTAR via standard Microsoft Windows protocols to enable file transfer and update

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