9. Trouble Shooting



Possible cause/remedy

Not reaching set flow rate

  • Filter clogged – Change filter
  • Scrubber restriction – Check Scrubber
  • Exhaust restriction – Check Exhaust
  • Flow path restriction – Contact service engineer
  • Pump malfunction – Contact service engineer
  • Flow sensor malfunction – contact service engineer

System does not boot

  • Check mains and fuse
  • Check hard on/off switch at back of unit
  • Other – Contact service engineer

Sensor or filter temperature does not reach set-point

  • Contact service engineer

Humidity not reaching desired level

  • Faulty humidity sensor – contact service engineer
  • Incorrect scrubber/scrubber consumed – replace/refill scrubber
  • External air supply is wet.


  • Dirty sampling interface, pipe-work – Clean pipework
  • Scrubber may need its contents changing
  • Leave system running with clean, dry air and all heaters on for 1 day
  • Particulate filter is contaminated and needs replacing

USB accessory not detected

  • Faulty USB, software did not detect device – try second USB port

Software freezes

  • Reboot by pressing front on/off button twice

NI error message

  • Reboot, if problem persists please contact service engineer with error message code

No background ion peak

  • Check Scrubber is properly mounted
  • Check for a leak in the flow path



For questions and troubleshooting advice please contact us via our service line +44 (0)845 838 9866 or at support@owlstone.co.uk, please have the LONESTAR serial number and current software version available.  If an internet connection is available it is also possible to enable remote access to the LONESTAR to assist the troubleshooting process. 

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