8. Servicing

It is highly recommended that the LONESTAR system undergoes an annual service, as well as retesting and calibrating to factory acceptance standards.  At the same time the unit will undergo a wipe test to ensure no radioactive contamination has escaped the housing. In some regions this is a regulatory requirement and a Certificate of Conformance will be supplied at each service. 


PLEASE NOTE: Opening the electrical case of the product voids the warranty.


To arrange a service use the OWLSTONE website to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and transport address. Alternatively contact OWLSTONE on the service number +44 (0)845 838 9866  or at supportowlstone.co.uk


 hazard symbol 100x100.jpg


Do not send a LONESTAR system back to OWLSTONE without first obtaining an RMA and filling in the decontamination certificate provided with the RMA.  For legal and health and safety reasons OWLSTONE cannot accept any LONESTAR system without the correct paperwork.

The LONESTAR system will only be accepted if returned in its original Peli case. 

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