4.4 Exchanging the Scrubber Filter Cartridge

  1. Begin by removing the scrubber from the LONESTAR instrument by pressing down on the scrubber cartridge release
  2. Next unscrew the Scrubber cap in an anticlockwise direction and remove it from the scrubber body
  3. Finally unscrew the filter cartridge assembly by holding onto the cylinder cap and turning the filter assembly in an anticlockwise direction.



Filter Assembly


4. Screw the new filter cartridge assembly into the scrubber cap taking care not to over tighten the threads.

5. Finally screw the scrubber cap back onto the scrubber body until tight.  Ensure that the o-ring seal between the cap and body is still intact after tightening.  Any damage to this o-ring could cause a leak to occur.  If the o-ring is damaged it must be replaced.


Figure 51.png

O-ring seal


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