3. Overview

The ‘At-Line Kit’ add-ons for a Lonestar are made of five sections:

  • Sampling module – holds sample bottles to be measured, allows split flows to be set for diluting the headspace sample before feeding it to the Lonestar and provides a particle filter to protect FAIMS chip from blocking or shorting
  • Heater controller – sets and controls the temperatures of the sampling module sections and the sample temperature
  • Pneumatics box (optional) – brings together regulator, power supplies and air on/off switch 
  • Stirrer Module – provides capability to stir liquid samples in bottles in the sample module
  • Split flow box – controls the air flows to in and out of the sample module to a very high accuracy.

Together this allows the Lonestar system to be used for accurate headspace sampling of discrete samples for a wide range of applications.

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