4.1 Heater control box installation

To set up the heater control box, follow these steps:


1. Connect the plugs from the GBH to the correct ports at the back of the heater control box. The plugs are labelled and must be connected in the correct positions.



2. Connect the communication cable to the red port on the heater controller labelled Comms.


3. Insert the other end of the communication cable into one of the USB sockets on the Lonestar.


4. Insert the plug from the power supply into the socket labelled 24 V / 5A DC.


5. Plug in the power supply at the mains and set the power switch to ON.  The power light, temp. 1 limit light and all of the control lights come on.

6. When the heated line, heated lid and bottle heater have come up to temperature, the temp. 1, temp. 2 and temp. 3 lights will flicker to show that the temperature is being maintained.

7. If the power and temp. 1 limit lights turn off during operation, this means that the thermal trip has been exceeded and the heaters have been turned off.  In this case, turn the heater controller off and contact Owlstone.

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