6.1 Operation of heater controller

When the heater controller is attached to the sampling module of a Lonestar the controller box will control the temperatures of the three regions of the module within the following ranges: 




Bottle lid

Ambient to 110°C


Filter region

Ambient to 130°C


Bottle holder

Ambient to 60°C



The heater controller temperature ranges are modified using the provided software “3-PID configurator”.  The boot screen is shown below.


Screen shot of heater controller software


Select the comms port that the heater controller USB cable is plugged into. The default is COM9.


Choosing comms port


Hit the init button and the software will connect to the heater controller and allow monitoring and editing of the temperatures of the heater regions.  To change the set points, select the relevant box and type in a new temperature.  If you are running a fixed method do not change the settings from those selected in the method setup document as this will invalidate the calibration.


Software communicating with and controlling heaters

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